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Wealthy Country

"Wealthy Country". This will help to develop other country's as an wealthy country. Though the total population of USA is of 317,865,000 . By every month collect "one dollar" or "fifty cent" from every citizen in-term of helping other nations . After collecting citizen funded money, change the money to particular country money. though this will increase the Dollar rate maximum and every month remit the interest to the citizen who pay "fifty cent" or "one dollar". so that this can help the citizen and help other country to develop there own nations and live peacefully .

and everyone has an question,

How will You collect those money???

Ans) those who has an bank account, we can easily deduce and those who doesn't have account , we make one special team and collect the amount and store this amount in High interest bank so that we can get two way interest from bank and funded country




1)other countries also developed

2)bank and funded country interest is obtained

3)citizen also gets interest


Example Calculations:

if US Citizen pays 50 cent,



Convert US Dollar To INDIAN RUPEES




if US Citizen pays 1 dollar,



Convert US Dollar To INDIAN RUPEES,

Rs: 19,125,937,050



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