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Optimal healthcare

Introduce holistic options as a first priority before pills and expensive tests, and federally approving the natural cures/remedies/treatments that work. That way the general public can have some faith thanks to some nationally credited institution putting *approved by the FDA* on the label. Paul Stamets works with medicinal gourmet mushrooms. He has found evidence that there is a mushroom that if taken as a steady regimen, can be used as a precautionary measure against the AIDS virus. Stamets has also found many possible cancer treatments in his strains of mushrooms. is doing great work, mainly known for trying to get MDMA approved for psychedelic assisted therapy which has, i'm sure you know, about a 68% higher success rate than the current treatment for PTSD. There is also a concoction of 3 natural antibiotics that I have used on multiple occasions for tooth/gum and thumb/skin infections/abscess that worked great: Colloidal Silver, Echinacea, and Oil of Oregano, by SilverWings. All of the people who get passed to a chiropractors instead of having been recommended acupuncture, yoga, meditation, or offered consequence free time off of work solely to take care of their body before it gets bad enough to take time off because they are actually unable to work. These things could save millions of people time and money.

My belief is that when we offer people true health care, at either affordable prices or do it yourself treatments at home from your garden or community, that there will be so much peace brought to many people’s lives: the people who now don’t owe thousands to the hospitals, the people who now don’t have to take people to and from the hospitals, the ones who search endlessly for answers for friends and family members who feel hopeless in finding affordable dependable treatments can put that energy toward themselves or others more in need, the staff who could have less patients swarming them, and President Trump because he’ll be closer to a plan than he would ever have gotten on his own. Less minor ailments, more doctors and nurses available for more trying issues around the world.

When pharmaceutical companies along with oil companies start doing right by the people and not by their bank accounts, we will finally progress as a nation and possibly as an entire race.

Next we would want to work on the education system, more financial aid and possibly even travel access to people from poorer countries who dream of nothing but to come to the United States to go to school and hopefully either help our communities progress, or return to their homeland with their acquired skills to help their own community progress. This will create many more workers across the board in fields you didn’t even know could exist until this was made possible, which creates more jobs. Now, I think we could negotiate our “full-time” terms of employment. Employers can hire more people, they can all work a little less, and with all of the assistance and good faith courses of action we’ve taken over seas, hopefully we can find some common ground and all of the trillions of dollars used in the pointless wars and precautions for potential wars we may fight can be disbursed to employees so working less doesn’t effect them paying their bills on time.

Now we need to force a merge on the automobile industry, or somehow get one of the major companies to produce a quality, dependable, and affordable mode of transportation that runs completely on alternate green sources of energy. Because oil companies and banks cannot determine our course of action when it comes to international affairs, if we need someone else’s oil for our demands, we can’t start a war over it and make up a bunch of shit about weapons of mass destruction so we have a reason to destroy an entire country. We could get all of the companies to work together on the new transit system where everything is automated on tracks or gps self driving pods, really fast trains, new roads that somehow provide the energy for the vehicles on them. These are just big ideas that won’t make it anywhere if we don’t start making the right changes, I don’t know that it’s starts with healthcare, the FDA needs to be revamped completely and divided into food administration and drug administration I think, and all companies should be forced to use all natural ingredients, unbleached flour, real sugar cane, sea salt, etc. We need a healthier nation and more responsible people running it.



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