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Bidding Fee Auction Gatekeeper trending idea

Dear Dept of Commerce.


My name is Miko Lasso former Filppula and I have patented the next generation for the controversial penny auction industry. I am a USA citizen currently in Finland visiting my family.


I am submitting this idea to you because the industry demands for it, please see as proof:


My patent pending:


Only Google or Facebook verified bidders are allowed to bid on This is to verify that every bid comes from a real live person and never a shill or bot placed by the house.


Exhibia is also the first bidding fee auction app approved by Facebook:


The question is, who should be the gatekeeper? Obviously, it can’t be anyone who is bidder. In almost all cases I believe the best type of government is the government that governs lease. In this case, I believe it makes sense for the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs to set up a gatekeeper where all penny auctions would legally be required to grant the DCCA access to the sites data where they can personally check all transactions and information on bidders.


How likely is it that the DCCA will ever set up such a gatekeeper? Better odds of winning the lottery.

- See more at:


I Miko Filppula and my company SOCIAL SHOPPING NETWORK would like to provide the department such access.


We would like to work out details with you and launch together with the Department of Commerce the new BOTS FREE bidding fee auction industry.



Cell 323 2066456



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